The Clubhouse is a place where Eastern Long Island Area NA members can hang out between meetings and find fellowship with fellow recovering addicts.  In these stressful times, sometimes seeing a friendly face is all we need to turn our mood around.  You never know who might be hanging out inside. You are also welcome to use the clubhouse to create impromptu video hangouts with friends. The Clubhouse is open to NA members only.  In accordance with our Third Tradition, the only requirement for membership is the desire to stop using.

Of course, recovering addicts from outside our area are also more than welcome! Currently, Keeping It Green (Mondays @ 7PM), North Shore Serenity (Wednesdays @ 8PM), Perpetual Change (Thursdays @ 7:30 and Saturdays @7PM), and Lit Recovery (Saturdays @ 10PM) are hosted in the Clubhouse. At all other times, the space is open for fellowshipping. Feel free to drop in and see who’s hanging out, and please be respectful of others while visiting.

As with the regularly scheduled meetings listed on this site, the Clubhouse uses Zoom as its platform.  You can enter the clubhouse via laptop/desktop, mobile device or tablet. The web browser client will download automatically when you start or join your first Zoom meeting. Mobile devices and tablets require the use of the Zoom app.  There is no need to enter a meeting ID. Just come back here after installing the mobile app and click the orange button below to enter. All Zoom meetings now require a password. The clubhouse password is: Recovery


IMPORTANT – Unless you are sharing, please mute your microphone, so as to not disrupt the other participants with feedback or background noise. To do this, click the microphone button. When the mic symbol is red, that means you’re muted.


Password: Recovery